Economy Playing Cards (255P)
Don't let the price fool you - these are excellent quality playing cards! Finished smooth, and plastic coated, these slightly more economical playing cards are absolutely perfect for large scale promotions or anyone on a tight budget.
$5.20 @ 300
$3.88 @ 500
$1.78 @ 2,000
$0.78 @ 10,000

Standard Playing Cards (285P)
Our most popular deck of playing cards, these hefty cards have a strong rigidity, with an excellent shuffle and snap. They are printed on three-ply, blue-center stock, and are given out at small gatherings to large sporting events, included in mailers, hung on liquor bottles, and are perfect for customer incentives! These come in a smooth finish and are plastic coated.
$5.39 @ 300
$4.39 @ 500
$2.19 @ 2,000
$0.87 @ 10,000

"Executive" Linen Playing Cards (300P)
These impressive, heavyweight, bright-white playing cards are plastic coated and available in a smooth or linen finish. Available at just 300 decks, these beautiful cards have a perfect snap and shuffle for any event, promotion, or giveaway!
$5.61 @ 300
$4.56 @ 500
$2.32 @ 2,000
$1.01 @ 10,000

Casino Playing Cards (305P)
These three-ply, carbon center, 300gsm playing cards are comparable to professional decks used in many casinos worldwide. For a high-end promotion, or when ultra-fine quality counts, this deck is your bet. Completed with an "air-puff" finish to ensure ultimate shuffle and finish, these are sure to impress.
$6.02 @ 300
$4.91 @ 500
$2.66 @ 2,000
$1.29 @ 10,000

Plastic Playing Cards (32QP)
Our spill-proof, tear-proof, ultra-premium 100% plastic playing cards are super-durable and are preferred by professional poker players worldwide. These are available commonly in a smooth finish, but also, subject to availability, on one side with a coarser "matte" finish. Since these are made entirely of plastic, these are also water-resistant, and work particularly well in water or beverage related promotions. These ultra premium cards will last decades.
$8.01 @ 300
$6.57 @ 500
$2.86 @ 2,000
$2.03 @ 10,000

Transparent Playing Cards (28CP)
These crystal clear playing cards are one of a kind, and guaranteed to attract special attention. Made of 100% transparent plastic, they are water-resistant and come in a transparent 1-piece plastic snap case.
$8.60 @ 500
$4.35 @ 2,000
$3.45 @ 10,000

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