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PLEASE NOTE: Because of raw material supply constraints, this product may not be immediately available. Please verify availability ahead of ordering.

Our spill-proof, tear-proof, ultra-premium 100% plastic playing cards are super-durable and are preferred by professional poker players worldwide. These are available commonly in a smooth finish, but also, subject to availability, on one side with a coarser "matte" finish. Since these are made entirely of plastic, these are also water-resistant, and work particularly well in water or beverage related promotions. These ultra premium cards will last decades. Choose any of our standard faces options, or create your own for something truly unique.

Example Pricing:    ( R )
300 Decks — $8.01 / deck
500 Decks — $6.57 / deck
1,000 Decks — $3.90 / deck
2,000 Decks — $2.86 / deck
5,000 Decks — $2.20 / deck

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Setups:    ( V )
Card Design:$25 per color
($100 for full-color)
Box Design:$25 per color
($100 for full-color)
Custom Faces:$100 (Optional)
Pre-Pro Sample:$345 (Optional)

Minimum Order:300 Decks
Material:0.30mm PVC
Full Bleed:NO CHARGE
Lead Times:
Two lead times are available with different pricing, a 15-20 working day lead time (FOB Chicago), and a 35 working day lead time (FOB Los Angeles). See pricing for more details. For special rush jobs, please contact us for more information, or a custom quote.

Request a Sample:
We send samples out at no charge to qualified distributors. Please click here to get started.


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