Blu Prime Playing Cards has immense experience in delivering high quality playing cards to distributors of promotional products across North America. Our playing cards are used in conventions, for special events, given out at sporting events, for promotional mailers, in airlines, and all through the hospitality industry.

We consider the preservation of the promotional products supply chain absolutely critical to our industry. For this reason, we're consistently dismayed when we learn of other manufacturers and suppliers of playing cards selling direct to end users. Our distributors are our salespeople, and that relationship is one about which we care deeply.

When you order from Blu Prime Playing Cards, you rest comfortably knowing that we simply do not sell direct, so there is no risk of your client coming direct to us for the product, or us ever selling to them direct. Can your other playing card suppliers assure you of the same? Your company name is listed on all shipping labels, and on all bills of lading.

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